College Ice Hockey



  • Playing hockey at the university level is extremely fun and it enhances your college experience
  • There are over 340 universities and colleges that offer ice hockey programs
  • These institutions are skating 550+ teams throughout the United States
  • If you want to play hockey in college, you can find a place to skate
  • There are two large associations that oversee college hockey
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) - Founded in 1948
  • The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) - Founded in 1991
  • Both associations have three divisions (I, II and III) with Division I being the most competitive

  •  Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • NCAA Division I teams offer athletic, needs based and academic scholarships
  • NCAA Division II/III teams offer needs based and academic scholarships
  • ACHA Teams offer needs based and academic scholarships

  •  NCAA versus ACHA Teams

  • All divisions in both associations are very challenging
  • A small number of NCAA Division I players will go on to play professional hockey
  • NCAA Division II/III teams and ACHA Division I/II/III teams have comparable talent
  • Many schools skate teams in multiple associations and at multiple levels

  •  Viewing the School Data

  • The links to all the data is located on the upper right-hand side of this page
  • There are four views of institution data



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